New Medications:


- New medications are prescribed during your visit with the provider. Indications and directions of use will be explained, as well as side effects from medications


- Please discuss with your physician the duration of your medications, whether 30 or 90 days supply, as appropriate and as covered by your insurance





- Your physician will issue refills for your prescriptions, as deemed medically appropriate


- Your physician will decide how often you need to be seen for follow up and refills, most chronic medical problems need to be evaluated in 3-6 months intervals, but sometimes less or longer intervals, depending on the stability of your medical problem


- Please remember to call us 1 week before running out of your medications, in order for us to refill your prescription on time, we understand how important it is for your health to be on your medications. Also please make sure you plan ahead for weekends and holidays, that you have enough medications.


- Controlled substance prescriptions will NEVER be refilled by phone or fax


- You will be required to be frequently seen by your provider for refills on controlled substance prescriptions. Also, frequent drug screens and pill counts should be expected to fully ensure compliance with the law.


- Losing your prescription for controlled substance prescription is solely your responsibility, no early refills will be issued if you lose your prescription.